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Unsecured Loans With Bad Credit: A Guide to Getting Approval

The likelihood of getting approval on a large unsecured loan with bad credit is far better than many people think. The fact is that any applicant can convince a lender to grant the loan, all that is really needed is to submit an application that is strong and in proper order.

What should be kept in mind is that actually getting loan approval is a pretty straightforward matter. Lenders really only want to know a few things, and the foremost important amongst them is that the borrower can repay the sum borrowed. The credit score is beside the point, though it can have a say on the affordability of the deal.

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Basically, there is always a way to convince lenders that granting an unsecured loan is a safe investment, and remove (or at least greatly reduce) their fear of default. So, what can an applicant do?

Do Not Let Bad Credit Dictate Matters

Fretting over a bad credit score is not of any great use, especially when the truth is that bad credit only has a limited influence over the application process. This relates to the interest rate that the lender will charge, and nothing else, so when applying for a large unsecured loan with bad credit, approval is always possible if other aspects are in good order.

Income is important but there is no guarantee that a large monthly income will mean getting loan approval. The debt-to-income ratio is much more significant, a measure that refers to the amount of excess income that is available to meet any new loan repayments. The ratio is set at 40:60, so the maximum income share of 40% can be used to make repayments.

This means that even with a monthly income of $10,000, if repayments push the share to over 40% of excess income, then the application will be rejected. An application for an unsecured loan is much more likely to succeed if the rate is well within the 40%.

Strengthen with a Cosigner

A strong application is hard for lenders to ignore, and the inclusion of a cosigner makes an application as strong as it possibly can be. When seeking large unsecured loans with bad credit, a cosigner provides the level of security that lenders need, effectively guaranteeing the monthly repayments will be made.

The result is that getting loan approval becomes practically guaranteed, and with practically no risk involved in the loan, the interest rate charged is much lower. So, the loan is made much more affordable, which in turn dictates against the chances of defaulting on repayments.

Everyone wins, it seems, but remember that the cosigner needs to be accepted by the lender for the role. To do this, he or she must have a reliable source of income, and an excellent credit history. Finding the right candidate can virtually assure approval of the unsecured loan.

Do Not Seek Too Much

When bad credit is a feature, then taking baby steps is a wise strategy to rebuild your credit reputation. This basically means not seeking too large a loan, but applying for a realistic sum. This tells the lender that the applicant is keen to properly manage their finances. Seeking a large unsecured loan with bad credit sends all the wrong signals.

It is important then to calculate exactly what is affordable before filling out an application form. Take time to add the total monthly outgoings, including existing debts, and measure that against your income. Then calculate 40% of that figure (representing the debt-to-income ratio) to enhance the chances of getting loan approval faster.

Also, consider seeking a longer repayment term, thus lowering the monthly repayment sum. More interest is paid over the lifetime of the unsecured loan, but this also means the lender makes a larger profit. Just be sure that the repayment is manageable.

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