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Why $10,000 Unsecured Loans Are Closer Than Many Believe

Overcoming growing financial pressures is the biggest challenge we face, but it is not made easy with the economic depression the nation is in. Sourcing funds to alleviate the pressure is a key requirement, but a loan when bad credit is a feature, what chance is there of ever getting approved? Actually, it is better than many think, and even $10,000 unsecured loans can be given the green light.

Of course, getting loan approval without collateral is always more difficult because lenders face the maximum risk. It means that to secure approval, alternative lenders have to be found as the traditional lenders are unwilling to accept the risks involved without raising the cost of the loan considerably.

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What must be remembered is that, besides the understandable need to repay any loan, approval is always possible because bad credit is not the key factor in any application assessment process. As a result, unsecured loans are available to even those with very low scores if these factors can be satisfied properly.

Loans Without Security

The lack of security is not necessarily a debilitating aspect when applying for a loan, though there are pros and cons to such a deal. The most obvious advantage is that a $10,000 unsecured loan is not tied by purpose, and can be used for almost anything. This is because, as a personal loan, it is for personal use.

Other advantages are that, with no item of security offered, the borrower cannot lose anything should they default on the loan. Also, the longer the term of the repayments, the lower the monthly repayment, and the more affordable the deal is.

There are also some negatives to getting approval without collateral, however. The overall costs are much higher, since lenders want to protect themselves against any possible losses. The interest rate charged on unsecured loans is generally higher, and it is this factor that can make repayments too high to be affordable.

The Lender is a Key

Of course, the right lender is the key to finding a loan deal that is affordable. Finding one that is willing to grant a $10,000 unsecured loan to a bad credit borrower is not going to be straightforward, but there are alternative lenders that are worth approaching. Online lenders are usually the best option.

These lenders are recognized as experts in bad credit lending, with their loan packages designed with bad credit borrowers in mind. This also means that online lenders are the most likely source of approval without collateral.

The problem with traditional lenders is that they are too expensive, with high interest rates charged and a range of strict fees and penalties that make the whole deal very expensive. Still, if your relationship with your bank is very good, then it may be worth speaking to them about getting an unsecured loan.

Other Considerations

Convincing lenders to grant a $10,000 unsecured loan can be helped along by some other minor factors. For example, taking a little time to get some of the bad credit in order before applying is always a good idea, as it can lower the interest rate. It is also a good idea for married couples to apply together for the loan. This effectively halves the risk factor, thus increasing the chances of securing approval without collateral.

Failing that, finding a cosigner can be hugely beneficial to any loan application. As a guarantor, the cosigner effectively removes any risk from the transaction, so the lender is happy to lower the interest rate even further. This makes the unsecured loan even more affordable, so everyone wins. Of course, the cosigner has to have an excellent credit history and ample income to be accepted in the role.

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